Akalia B

I was treated for neck and shoulder pain/tightness at Y Motion, and had a great experience. Joe was very knowledgeable and skilled, and in just a few minutes, was able to pinpoint the exact area that was causing my symptoms. After treatment, he gave me detailed instructions on different things I should do to prevent recurrent pain. My pain went away completely, and a few weeks later I am still pain free. I was very impressed with how clean and inviting the treatment areas of this office were, from the equipment to the décor and background music. I felt very comfortable during my hour-long treatment session. If I ever need physical therapy in the future, I would go nowhere else. Thank you for the great experience!

William D. Wolfe

I am 65 years old and have been very active leading to many orthopedic  surgeries and  Pt clinics.  Most recently I had a herniated cervical disk and needed treatment. Y Motion in Cross Keys was recommended by another physically active friend since Yves Joseph concentrated in sports medicine. Yves treated me for 2 weeks and I was basically pain free and tingle free. However, I was in a bike accident  suffering a serious concussion, cuts and contusions .  Having worked with athletic teams, as soon as I walked in the clinic Yves recognized the symptoms and quickly adjusted the routine. The next week I went to a concussion specialist, who did all the same diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as Yves. When I told the doctor about Yves applying  the same therapy, he was incredibly impressed. Yves has continued to be the most knowledgeable and proficient Physical Therapist I have worked with in 40 years. His mission is to get me back working out and enjoying sports again, and I know he will.

Jason Dubow

YMotion has been incredibly helpful to me, from healing my frozen shoulder, to successfully treating back, neck, and hip pain, to significantly reducing arthritis discomfort. Also, YMotion has taught me methods for preventing further problems and for strengthening my body. YMotion has significantly improved my quality of life and I'm very thankful for the excellent staff there.

Adam Camara

Initially started seeing Yves for chronic neck/upper back pain… I’ve been seeing him for over a month now, and after the first two sessions I’ve noticed substantial “gains”… He has provided me with an online program to do while at home to either warm up before a workout or just to stretch the early morning achiness away to get my day started… Not only is he great and knowledgeable in his field, but he is also a genuine person who is cool to be around… And for that, I highly recommend Y Motion.

Marcia Williams

Therapist is Great. Knee issues , he helped me to get better motion and range. I highly recommend you give them the opportunity to serve you.

Riley H

Very friendly staff and clean facility. They helped me recover from an injury and come back stronger than I was before.

Jamey Charapp

Great care by the entire staff. I would highly recommend them!

Dai Andrews

This place is the best! Clean, friendly, and effective. Skilled therapists and a welcoming environment. They fixed both my back and my neck. I will be visiting again.
Highly recommended!